Our services

We offer our partners storage solutions, including Home Depot and Kanban services, along with design, engineering, and packaging services.
Home Depot

The Home Depot system encompasses a series of processes and technologies that govern the functionality and operation excellence of the service we offer to our business partners.

This system ensures effective safety stock management in our customers' storage areas, preventing any disruptions in the production line. Our objective is to minimize the time our business partners dedicate to inventory management, ensuring the seamless continuity of production through guaranteed on-time delivery.

By having our customers pay only for the stock they consume, we provide a cost advantage and eliminate the risk of idle stock.

The Kanban System

As part of the services we offer to our business partners, the Kanban system plays a key role in enhancing the efficiency and transparency of warehouse management and production.

This system enables us to streamline business processes, balance workloads, promptly identify obstacles, and actively contribute to problem-solving.

The Kanban system aims to address fluctuations in demand by establishing a lean order and delivery flow, ensuring timely responses to both decreases and increases in demand.

Design, Engineering, and Packaging Services

Our design and engineering services offer professional support to stakeholders in the design and development of their products or systems. We enhance our service capabilities through collaboration with a diverse customer network and partnerships across various industries. Additionally, we contribute to problem-solving by providing packaging, coating, and kitting services tailored to the specific demands of our business partners.