As STD, we give importance to customer safety and quality assurance. We have received numerous quality certificates with the sensitivity we demonstrate regarding quality systems.

With our customer satisfaction-oriented product and service approach, our quality policy is defined as follows:

  • Collaborating with suppliers in line with our vision, aiming for continuous improvement alongside our suppliers to provide comprehensive and accurate service to our customers.
  • Continuously enhancing our quality management system and standards, ensuring their sustainability within the framework of our Quality Policy.
  • Identifying errors proactively and implementing measures to prevent their recurrence, guided by our risk-oriented approach and the zero-defect principle we adhere to.
  • Grounding our products on their functionality, durability, usefulness, reliability, and aesthetic features. Additionally, our services are based on solution orientation, satisfaction, comprehensibility, accessibility, reliability, professionalism, flexibility, as well as uninterrupted, complete, accurate, and just-in-time delivery.

We embrace our Quality Policy together with 8 Management Principles: